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Arning Holding Company in Cassville, Mo. Receives USDA Grant to Help Reduce Energy Costs

CASSVILLE, Mo. (KY3) – The United States Department of Agriculture has invested more than $ 1 million to help people in rural Missouri lower their energy costs.

Approximately $ 11,000 was awarded to Arning Holding in Cassville to install LED lighting throughout the facility. This will not only save the manufacturing company thousands of dollars in energy costs, but can also help fill the gaps of a growing labor shortage.

“We’re growing, but coupled with the labor shortage this has been a challenge,” said Arning COO Bux Treadwell.

“Any savings that we can generate operationally help funnel the money towards increased wages and benefits,” said Arning production manager Mark Speakman.

Speakman says it will open up more jobs so the company can employ more people in the community.

“We definitely need more people, we’re growing quickly, and we have a lot of openings,” Speakman said.

He says the new lights will save the company about $ 12,000 each year in operating expenses. That’s enough electricity to power 68 homes.

“It can all come back to the bottom line to make other improvements with updated equipment and things like that,” Speakman said.

The new lights are also four times brighter, which adds an extra layer of safety for employees.

“We have no more shadows and we can also see,” said Balyssa Taylor, Arning’s human resources administrator. “It used to be very dark here and in the parking lot our second shift was increasing, so we need the light when they come down early in the morning.”

“It’s a more efficient work environment, our quality has improved and it really improves the morale of our employees who work in these areas,” Speakman said.

The application window for rural businesses to apply for grants is open until March 31.

To apply CLICK HERE.

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