BD: Passive Needle Guard By: Becton, Dickinson and Company

BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company), a global medical technology company, has announced the launch of BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25 mL Passive Needle Guard, for use by pharmaceutical companies in drug-device combination products. When combined with a glass pre-filled syringe, the BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25 mL System allows subcutaneous administration of biological solutions of varying fill volumes up to 2 mL and viscosities up to 30 cP .

BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25ml is the latest solution to be released in BD’s portfolio of drug delivery systems for combination products and is designed to meet the needs of healthcare providers, patients and caregivers by performing manual injections of biological solutions. The BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25ml design complements the combination product strategies of the biopharmaceutical companies – enabling patient-controlled injection for complex, high viscosity drugs.

Biologic therapies are often self-administered by patients or caregivers and require delivery systems that provide ease of use and safety benefits for use in non-clinical settings. However, the viscosity and injection volume of biologics have shown a tendency to increase in recent years (> 1 ml,> 10 cP) which are beyond the capabilities of many commercial injectable drug delivery systems. Biologic formulations with high volumes and viscosities often require higher injection forces, which can create challenges from the user’s perspective.

“With BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25ml, we are innovating drug delivery systems with the goal of providing patient confidence and ease of use and improving their self-injection experience, and to serve the expanding design space of biologic drug delivery, ”said Eric Borin, global president, BD Medical – Pharmaceutical Systems. “1

“We are delighted to support biopharmaceutical drug launches with a new robust platform technology that is compatible with the BD Neopak â„¢ 2.25ml glass pre-filled syringe and supports high speed assembly for our customers. by leveraging our extensive experience with BD UltraSafe â„¢ Passive Needle Guard in marketed combination products.

When developing a patient-centered solution, BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25ml was evaluated in a human factors validation study in which ease of use was demonstrated and the majority of participants expressed confidence. that the safety mechanism activated would protect them from needlestick injuries. BD UltraSafe Plus â„¢ 2.25 mL Passive Needle Guard is now available for development by biopharmaceutical companies.