Bill Price’s Head High 2019, a rare pinot noir under $20

Finding a good bottle of pinot noir for under $20 is tough. Discovering a good bottle of pinot noir for less than $20 is quite rare.

I was ready to listen to Indiana Jones music after my first sip of Bill Price’s Head High Pinot Noir 2019.

It seems that everything the former owner of the investment company touches turns to gold. Its Price family vineyards and estates are nothing short of stellar.

Price owns and manages Sonoma Coast heavyweight wineries such as Durell, Gap’s Crown, Walala, Alana, One Sky and William James Vineyard. His impressive ownership interests also include premier wineries such as Kistler Vineyards, Gary Farrell, Kosta Brown, Three Sticks, Lutum and Head High.

I drank a glass of this lovely pinot while enjoying a goat cheese crostini topped with cherry jam. It pairs perfectly with the red raspberry and dried cherry flavors of the wine. A few chunks of aged cheddar from Adam’s Reserve also proved to be a worthy companion while I prepared my grilled asparagus and Faroese salmon, a tasty option during Lent.

I had a drink the next day and the wine was even better. It was softer, had a velvety finish, and featured delicate rose petal aromas. Now I know it can age well. Decant this baby for an hour and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

The majority of the grapes in this wine came from the Gaps Crown vineyard, so at $19.99 this wine is a safe bet.

This wine is relatively new to our market, but can be purchased at both Mustard Seed Market locations, Krieger Health Food Market in Cuyahoga Falls and Miles Market in Solon.

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