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Bismarck airline offers personal flights to see Christmas lights

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – As Christmas approaches, you might be spending some time decorating, wrapping gifts, or watching your favorite holiday movies. But, if you are looking for an unusual holiday experience, there is a way to celebrate Christmas from the same perspective the angels see above.

It is a special experience to see Bismarck from the sky.

The Gierszewski family checked out the Christmas lights from the comfort of a four-seater plane.

“It’s just a great way to see our city and the lights were just an extra,” said Lee Gierszewski.

Maybe that was an extra for Lee, but what about his five-year-old daughter’s favorite part?

“Looking at the Christmas lights,” said Karina, five.

Lee and Dianna wanted to surprise their daughter this year and they think they’ve succeeded.

“She had her nose stuck to the window the whole time,” Lee said.

One thing the Gierszewsks loved was that they got to personalize their flight.

“In fact, they flew over our house, we could see our house and that of our neighbors. It was really great, ”said Dianna Gierszewski.

“It’s just neat, you know,” Lee said.

Flights are available every night until Christmas, and they still have openings available.

The Gierszewski flew over Executive Air at Bismarck. They offer 30-minute flights and can accommodate up to three people per flight. If you want to learn more about the flight to see the Christmas lights, visit

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