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Greenpoint Technologies BBJ Max 8 Concept Award

A BBJ Max 8 VIP interior design by Greenpoint Technologies won the Private Jet Design Concept category at the 2022 International Yacht and Aviation Awards.

“It is an honor to be recognized among the most esteemed designers in the industry at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards!” said Annika Svore Wicklund, director of Greenpoint Design. “Retreat is an original interior by Greenpoint Design, and this award showcases the immense talent of our entire team. .

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The rear lounge

The International Yacht & Aviation Awards celebrate the best in design from around the world. Shortlisted entries were submitted online and voting was open to industry professionals, clients, customers and Luxe et al readers.

The master bedroom

Greenpoint curated the award-winning interior of the BBJ Max 8, Retreat, for a distinguished world traveler with health and self-care priorities. The design team focused on biophilia and wellness trends to create the luxury spa experience.

The front lounge

The Retreat interior balances durable details and living greenery with technology concealed discreetly in the custom cabinetry. Key features include a master suite enclosed in gradient and opaque glass walls, interior-lit terrariums, and oversized outward-facing OLED monitors displaying curated video of the destination or views from external HD cameras. Inspired by flowing water, the cabin ceiling features a panel system with a shiny metallic finish reminiscent of a river meandering through the interior.

The entrance area

The Retreat interior design concept is currently a finalist for the Society of British & International Design (SBID) Awards 2022.