H Clark Distillery joins the Distilling Company

Jim Wood’s photo

Heath Clark, owner of H Clark Distillery in Thompson’s Station, Tennessee, announces a new chapter for the brand as he joins forces with other ambitious Tennesseans at Company Distilling. The decision came from relationships formed over a long history of developing the distilling industry in Tennessee through the Tennessee Distillers Guild.

While this announcement brings some changes for the H Clark brand, fans of H Clark’s award-winning products can rest assured that the mission to create finely crafted spirits will not change. Paying homage to the roots and traditions of our communities and those that preceded us is an essential part of the joint venture.

Company Distilling will continue to welcome visitors to the charming and scenic town of Thompson’s Station, Tennessee. Company Distilling invites patrons to gather and enjoy the company of friends and fine minds. Thompson’s Station Distillery is open to the public for tours and tastings Thursday through Monday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT.

Later this spring, Company Distilling will open its first newly built bottle shop and tasting room in Townsend, with its headquarters in Alcoa to follow within the next two years.

Company Distilling, based in the Great Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee, is an unlikely assemblage of friends with a history of building distilleries, crafting exceptional spirits and bringing people together. When it comes to making spirits, their craftsmanship runs deep.

So when you pour a glass of Company, you experience something new. But one sip, and you’ll know it’s not our first round.

For more information about Company Distilling, please visit https://www.companydistilling.com.