How Local Repair Companies Cope with Increased Business Despite Lack of Resources

Local home repair companies are forecasting a long, busy winter after last week’s storms.

The influx of repair jobs, a shortage of equipment and even personnel make some repair jobs take twice as long.

“Immediately Monday we started receiving items from the Sunday event and it just kept happening,” said Andy Crum, owner of Pella Windows & Doors in Oklahoma.

Storms have hit the metro throughout the past week. Severe weather dotted the houses with hail the size of golf balls and high winds ravaged neighborhoods.

When the clouds cleared, many homes were left with blown-out windows, cracks in the glass, shattered frames and damaged roofs. Since then, repair companies have worked tirelessly to fix things; but jobs that normally took a few weeks stretch longer.

“Now we’re looking at maybe six weeks, or seven weeks, and even eight weeks,” Crum said.

Windows is a repair job hampered by supply chain backups.

“Maybe send partial parts of the order just to try and take care of the customer in the best possible way, then take another trip to finally fulfill the order,” Crum added.

Jared Gray of Statewide Roofing said roof repair materials for homeowners are not uncommon. But with so many Oklahomians in need of repairs, businesses are struggling to keep pace with staff.

“Our work is so dispersed and it’s fair with every business, so we can’t set a specific date when we can get to every house,” Gray said.

Some roofs that need to be repaired are not even a year old.

“We’ve never seen a year like this where we’ve been pulled in so many different directions,” Gray said.

Gray said that for any repair work, it’s a good idea to stick with a company with an address in Oklahoma.

“You can always have someone from out of town come over here and do your roof, but you just want to make sure they’re there to back up your warranty.”

Gray added that homeowners should ensure that the person hired to repair their roof or any part of a house has a license, and seek references and reviews for other work they have done in the area.

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