Is it time to fill your basket of stocks in UK clothing companies? See what this leading bank has to say Next, Marks & Spencer, Boohoo and ASOS

Deutsche Bank has increased the number of initiations in the sector. Oddly enough, digitizers seem to like UK bands on their shopping list

() has carried out a multitude of initiations in the European clothing sector. Oddly enough, numbers users seem to like the UK bands on their shopping list.

So, he started off with buying notes on online pace regulators ASOS () and Boohoo () with price targets of £ 54 and £ 4 respectively.

He is also backing the brick and mortar chains of Marks & Spencer () and Next () for success, which are worth £ 1.95 and £ 92 respectively.

The only local stock he wasn’t totally positive about was AB Foods (), the owner of clothing group Primark. He launched a cover on ABF with a ‘hold’ call and a price target of £ 22.

In a note to customers, Deutsche said: “We prefer online [to] offline, marketplace [to] single-brand retailing and believe platform monetization is the key to profit growth.

“We have created a structural framework supported by proprietary data from our DBdig team, including analysis of warehouse activity, social media analysis and consumer surveys.

“For short term trends, we forecast quarterly sales based on warehouse activity as well as longer term forecasts for global retailers based on sales weighted GDP forecasts. “

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