LG and Nicole McLaughlin launch limited edition recycled clothing

ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ– LG Electronics United States and designer Nicole mclaughlin today unveiled a limited-edition capsule collection featuring one-of-a-kind clothing, accessories and home items made entirely from unwanted clothing collected as part of LG’s second life campaign. A leader in laundry innovation, LG launched ‘Second Life’ to raise awareness of garment waste and inspire consumers to take responsible clothing action through improved fabric care , donations and recycling.

To kick off its efforts earlier this year, LG embarked on a seven-city tour on the West Coast to raise awareness of textile waste and collect unwanted clothing with the goal of responsibly recycling 100% of items received. Over 5,000 pounds of clothes were collected and passed through LG’s LA Laundry Center in Los Angeles where they were sorted, thoroughly cleaned and refreshed using LG’s # 1 ultra-capacity. LG washers and dryers and LG Styler Steam Cabinets which offer the best in fabric care. For its collection, McLaughlin hand-selected donated clothing and sunk parts for reuse, and any remaining clothing was donated to communities in need through local beneficiaries including the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Big Brothers Big Sisters of central New Mexico, central Arizona and southern Nevada.

The LG Second Life capsule collection is a synergy of LG and McLaughlin’s shared goal of reducing garment waste through fabric care and recycling. LG’s dedication to garment care inspired McLaughlin to delve into the housewares space, yielding fun results. In addition to clothing and accessories, the Second Life capsule also features functional, laundry-focused interior design, including a basket made from recycled button-down shirts and cargo shorts; a one-of-a-kind plant holder using color-blocked pieces from old anorak jackets; a camp chair made from leftover period clothing; and one folding stool and a carrying pouch that McLaughlin created using pieces of down jackets. Clothing and accessories include patchwork fleece pants and a separate but matching shoulder bag with mesh pockets and carabiners. Notable – and probably sought after – pieces include a skirt, which was recycled from motocross pants; and a mesh coach jacket created from leftover laundry bags – for form and function.

“I’m partnering with LG for their Second Life campaign because we’re both trying to help reduce textile waste and their efforts to educate and inspire people really talk about my mission as a designer,” McLaughlin said. . “The most durable fashion item is the one you already own, and taking care of your clothes – including the way you wash and refresh them – is the best way to reduce your fashion footprint. LG is definitely the expert when it comes to fabric care and their washers and dryers make it easy to care for what they wear. “

The exclusive “LG Second Life Collection by Nicole McLaughlin” is not for purchase but rather available for a limited time via a worldwide raffle at nicolemclaughlin.com now until September 22, all benefits directly benefiting Slow factory to further support its mission to transform socially and environmentally harmful systems by designing models that are good for the Earth and good for people.

As LG plans to announce another Second Life tour this fall, US consumers are urged to get involved in giving their clothes a “second life” right now through better laundry care with help from LG, creating recycled parts using McLaughlin’s how-to tips and “closet cleaning kits” with help from LG and thredUP. Simply fill any deliverable box with unwanted women’s and children’s clothing, shoes and accessories and send them free to ThredUp to be recycled, reused or responsibly resold. Visit www.LGSecondLife.com to print a free mailing label – in addition, LG and thredUP will donate $ 5 to a selected charity of the seller’s choice for each donation kit received.

To learn more about how LG’s Second Life initiative inspires people to take care of what they wear, recycle and donate unwanted clothing responsibly, visit www.LGSecondLife.com.

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