Lucky Leaf dreams bigger with new clothing business

A little over five years ago, Shilo and David Morgan learned that their plans for a cannabis store in the Tri-Cities were not going to work due to a local zoning ban on “these types of establishments.” “.

So they came to Spokane, where they found a suitable location and got a permit downtown, but they also learned that some in the community didn’t want them here either. There have been petitions and public protests and concerns that Lucky Leaf, located on W. First Avenue, is surely corrupting children and worshipers, and making this part of town even rougher.

But the Morgans and Lucky Leaf continue to attract satisfied customers from across the region. Some shoppers have been coming to the retail store for years and some of the shoppers haven’t changed either.

The owners have worked hard to cultivate a good reputation as a clean, welcoming and friendly store with a wide selection of cannabis products.

The staff are focused on education and service, and serve a diverse clientele, from downtown employees and restaurateurs to tourists and spectators (during the time of the shows).

Lucky Leaf also features rotating community art as a stop on the First Friday Art Walks of downtown Spokane.

The Morgans have even been publicly praised by City Councilor Karen Stratton for investing in the area, renovating the architecture and working to reduce crime, litter and graffiti.

“We have always dreamed of this building,” said Shilo Morgan.

Over the past year, more of these dreams have started to come closer to reality. The Morgans recently purchased the historic building, which has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, from apartments to a DVD / Blu-Ray production operation in the basement.

What’s especially exciting is the addition of Lucky Leaf Supply, alongside Lucky Leaf, where people can shop for designer clothes, pipes, tobacco products, cannabis-free merchandise and more. It is open to everyone, unlike Lucky Leaf which is only open to those 21 and over.

This includes the Morgan’s daughter, Malea Kumpf, who runs Lucky Leaf Supply. Since she is under 21, she can go to a central office but cannot legally enter Lucky Leaf.

“Malea is the boss on this side,” Morgan said.

They worked with clothing company The Great PNW to create designs on a variety of limited edition sweatshirts, t-shirts, headwear and more. Some articles include photos taken by David Morgan.

Lighters, Vape Products, Tobacco Products, Puff Bars and more are available from Lucky Leaf Supply. If you’re a cannabis fan and like to show your appreciation for a particular brand, you can find promotional items from Cookies and other companies, as well as exclusive Lucky Leaf designs.

It’s a place to find 4/20 Cards, a brand of greeting cards that include various messages and sentiments, but also have space to attach a pre-roll to brighten up someone’s day even more.

“We also have a whole bunch of local glass,” Kumpf said.

Lucky Leaf Supply wants to be known as a great place for local glassblowers to sell their products, as well as for other local artists to display their paintings.

“We’re still going to be running artists and always looking to add vendors,” Morgan said. “We really want to show all the good things that are happening in our community. “

Joe Butler is a longtime marketing writer and editor of The Spokesman-Review. He’s a fan of Star Wars, the Oxford comma and comma collection.

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