Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV spotted: price, specs and release date

A new all-electric SUV based on the Mercedes EQE is on the way. Read on for everything we know about it so far.

  • The Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV spotted
  • Sits between EQS and EQC in the line-up
  • Hyper-screen infotainment to include
  • 90kWh battery expected
  • Range approximately 380 miles
  • EQE 350 with 292 hp and 530 Nm at launch
  • Upcoming dual-engine, all-wheel-drive cars
  • AMG versions on the cards
  • Price around £ 70,000 expected

Beneath all this camouflage is the next Mercedes EQE SUV, which should arrive at the end of 2022.

This Tesla Model X alternative will be based on the recently revealed EQE sedan, similar to the EQS lineup.

Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV design

Not that you can see a huge amount through the camouflage, but the blobby profile of the Mercedes EQE SUV is pretty clear to see – similar to the EQC and EQS in this regard.

Up front, you’ll also notice slim headlights and a huge, hidden grille with a hidden Mercedes hiding inside.

Streaked brake lights are also visible at the rear, and massive alloy rims apparently designed with aerodynamic efficiency in mind also appear on this prototype.

Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV interior and infotainment

You can expect the interior of the Mercedes EQE SUV to be more or less the same as the sedan, but with more space.

Expect an almost identical interior to the EQE lounge (pictured), but with more space

That will mean a plethora of more dotted materials, along with luxe knickknacks like customizable ambient lighting and a panoramic glass roof.

It will seat five, and likely with space closer to a GLS SUV than a GLE thanks to a flat floor due to the use of batteries rather than oily mechanical parts.

This is the optional Hyperscreen infotainment setup of the EQE sedan, which should also find its way to the SUV.

You’ll have the option of Mercedes’ “Hyperscreen” infotainment, which sees the entire dashboard transformed into a single giant screen.

Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV batteries and autonomy

A 90 kWh will be present in the Mercedes EQE SUV, just like in the sedan. In the smaller car, it will come back 410 miles from a charge – but expect that to drop below 400 for the SUV due to its greater mass. Somewhere around 380 miles seems a safe bet.

It should also support a 170kW fast charge, adding 155 miles of charge in about 15 minutes.

Performances of the Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV

Expect the Mercedes EQE SUV to have the same launch model as the sedan. This is the EQE 350, which sees a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle, producing 292 hp and 350 Nm of torque.

More powerful dual-motor AWD versions are expected to arrive later. Mercedes has registered trademarks for EQE 43, 53, 55 and 63 which could also apply to high performance AMG versions.

Mercedes EQE 2023 SUV price and release date

Expect the Mercedes EQE to be revealed in mid-2022 and go on sale towards the end of the year.

The price could start around £ 70,000 and increase significantly for eventual twin-engine cars.

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