Mom’s Chicken, Bowl Offerings, More – Press Telegram

Just like mom

Mom’s Touch, the chicken chain known for its chicken sandwiches, crispy chicken wings and crispy chicken fingers, will open in 2022 at 6191 Atlantic Ave. The fried chicken restaurant that started out in South Korea will be located on Harding Plaza at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Harding. Street. The new Long Beach location will include drive-thru.

Why did the brand choose to open its second American site in Long Beach?

“Long Beach is rich in history and diversity – characteristics that make the city such a natural and authentic destination for Mom’s Touch, which proudly offers a menu that has something for everyone,” wrote Mike Lee, Director of Marketing. and finances at Mom’s Touch. in an email.

“Plus, since Long Beach is midway between Los Angeles and Orange County, the geography is ideal for us to present our unique fried chicken creations to new guests as we continue to develop in southern California. “

Noble effort

2ND & PCH’s Noble Bird rotisserie has launched a new virtual kitchen concept called Noble Bowls. They are available via third party delivery or pickup only.

There are five new Nobel bowls on the menu, including a Belmont Shore Pork Belly Bowl which features roasted pork belly, radishes, cilantro, pickled cucumbers, green onions, hard-boiled eggs, kimchi, fried shallots, rice and sweet and sour sauce.

“Considering that we’re a Long Beach-based business and live and work here, it just felt natural to give our community a little love,” owner Sidney “Mama Bird” Price wrote. “For example, Naples being also an Italian city, it made sense to name the bowl with salami, prosciutto, sopressata, olives and pepperoncini… the bowl of Naples. And the Long Beach Sticky Rib Bowl is a bit of everything with flavors inspired by so many cultures, which to us is exactly what makes Long Beach Long Beach.

Five decades

The Farmers & Merchants Bank (F&M Bank) branch at 4827 Second St. celebrates its 50th anniversary in Belmont Shore this month. The F&M Bank building opened in 1971, replacing a gas station. At that time, across the street was the since demolished Northwoods Inn with a “snow covered” roof.

When the need to replace the building arose, a second building incorporating the neighbor was built and doubled the size of the bank. A unique feature in the building is the ‘glass box’ on the 2nd floor landing which lights up at night. According to bank officials, “Originally intended to have a second floor, the city did not allow us to do so, but authorized the box. “

“We are extremely proud of our history and century-old resilience to protect our clients’ money and provide the service and attention they expect,” said Daniel K. Walker, Chairman of the Board and CEO of F&M, in a press release. . “Most importantly, we are honored to have served the Belmont Shore community for 50 years.

Creative chiropractic

Bloch Wellness and Sports Medicine at Marina Pacifica recently added a hard-shell hyperbaric oxygen chamber that reaches up to 3.0 ATA (as at a depth of 66 feet) to its toolbox of treatment options.

“HBOT helps with surgical recovery, concussion healing, sports injuries, performance and recovery,” said Dr. Karen Bloch. Additionally, Dr Bloch has advised patients on home HBOT facilities, including rental and sale.

Comfortable clothes

Tocaya, the first Mexican chain of vegan restaurants, with a restaurant at 2ND & PCH, has launched a clothing line. The restaurant sells four Aviator Nation (AV) garments.

This partnership is a first for both, as Tocaya enters the world of clothing and AV marks its first partnership in the restaurant business. Items include a hoodie, sweatpants, and two styles of trucker hats.