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The prevalence of athleisure over the past year has been overwhelming to say the least. As we found ourselves confined to the confines of our homes with little use for our usual daily wardrobe, it didn’t take long for brands to seek to capitalize on our situation, inundating us with sweatpants, sweatshirts, hoodies and more, over-saturating our inboxes. and social media feeds to a dizzying effect. Yet there is one brand that is always right, even before the pandemic, never once trying to reinvent the wheel, but simply offering what it knows and does best.

Long before athleisure even really had a name, New Balance created styles that fit the bill, sporty enough to be worn for light activity but not so sporty that they couldn’t be donned for environments. more social and relaxed. And the brand continues to produce those same highly functional and diverse styles, whether it’s a bold logo hoodie or a casual pair of all-purpose shorts that would give any beloved Patagonia Baggies a look. run for their money.

Below are some of our favorite pieces from their current range. Some are better suited for the backyard, while others will thrive on your next long run. All of them, however, will make you look great.

New balance

NB Essentials Mesh Shorts

In case you haven’t heard, basketball shorts are back, so what better way to keep up with the trend than with this pair of mesh shorts from New Balance’s Essentials line. Don’t worry, this pair offers a more streamlined silhouette than the ones you were likely to drown as a college kid in gym class, while still hinting at a retro vibe. Whether you wear them on or off the field, you’re bound to look cool thanks to details like the neon yellow drawstring waistband and vintage heirloom woven label.

New balance

NB Essentials Dad T-Shirt

Even if you’re not a father, there’s no reason you shouldn’t portray this t-shirt that pays homage to the brand’s reputation as a the daddy’s shoe supplier. The graphic and heritage black label against the crisp white of the t-shirt is simple yet effective, the perfect alternative for days when a plain white t-shirt seems too boring. And if you really want to get in dads’ minds, pair the t-shirt with the ultimate daddy sneakers, the 574 Core, and get grilled.

New balance

NB All Terrain Shorts

Drawing inspiration from New Balance’s trail and outdoor running roots, these all-terrain shorts give the famous (and increasingly hard to find) Patagonia Baggies a run for their money. Made from a polywoven fabric designed to withstand the elements, the shorts are just as stylish as they are functional, especially when they come in that ‘Sour Grape’ shade. So even if you don’t really think of yourself as an outdoor person, there’s no reason to deprive yourself of the elegance of these shorts, even if you’re going the streets rather than the trails.

New balance

New Balance 574 Core

One of the most iconic and instantly recognizable sneaker silhouettes, the 574 Core has long been praised for its universality, loved by people of all ages for its ability to adapt to a variety of occasions and styles. Whether you’re looking to slip them on with sweatshirts or pair them with jeans for a casual work day, the sneakers will blend easily with any outfit and it will quickly become obvious why they have continued to endure as classics. After all, there’s a reason they have “Core” in their name.

New balance

NB Essentials Overlay Logo Hoodie

A gray hoodie is a classic, and New Balance takes wardrobe essentials and makes it all the more interesting to wear with their stacked logo hoodie. Inspired by styles inherited from the brand, the hoodie features a loose, relaxed fit for comfort while the bold New Balance logo on the chest will let everyone know how stylish you are.

New balance

NB Sports Optiks Style Windbreaker Shorts

As much as we are fans of the iconic New Balance gray, we were immediately wowed by this daring turquoise pair of the Sports Style Optiks Wind Short. Ideal for those looking for both fashion and functionality in their clothing, the shorts are made from a durable woven fabric that is cut in a relaxed fit with plenty of room on the hips and thighs, perfect for everything from the gym to just running around town. You know what they say: be bold or come home.

New balance

New Balance NM1010V1

The NM1010V1 might be skating sneakers, but you don’t have to skate to wear them (although that would definitely make you look a lot cooler). Featuring a design heavily inspired by the 90s, the sneakers are made from a premium suede and mesh upper and feature a FuelCell foam midsole that provides both comfort and enhanced feel. So if you’re feeling nostalgic for your own skating days or just want to position yourself as a skater, grab a pair and you’ll fit in with the cool kids perfectly.

New balance

NB Fortitech Henley

It’s no secret that we are Henley fanatics, and this one only serves to fuel our obsession. The simple and sleek design means that if you go hard to the gym or participate in much less strenuous activities, you will look good anyway, while the brand is drirelease the fabric works to wick away moisture and keep you calm, cool and collected.

New balance

New Balance Impact Run 7 ″ Short

Who says your running shorts have to be solid black or boring gray? These moisture-wicking mid-length Impact shorts feature a cute color blocking effect that is sure to grab the attention of the many runners you leave in your dust.

New balance

New Balance Q Speed ​​Fuel Short Sleeve

Pair this number with the shorts just above, and you’ve got a crisp, bright outfit that will last you all summer long and easily withstand any post-run runs you’ve got planned.

New balance

New Balance Accelerate Jacket

Oh man, what when the summer starts to fade and you get that first hint of thrill on an early fall morning? Throw that light jacket over the two pieces we just talked about, and you’ll look like a million dollars.

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