New Zealand meal kit company Woop under fire over failed $ 600 Christmas delivery

Furious customers have gone on a rampage at a meal kit business, claiming their Christmas day was marred by its poor delivery service.

A special Christmas dinner from a popular New Zealand food box delivery company left a bad taste in the mouths of many who were hoping for a hassle-free holiday meal.

Hundreds of comments have piled up on Woop’s Facebook page, with dozens alleging that the amount provided was far too small to feed the number of people the company is claiming.

Woop accidentally invited criticism after posting an enthusiastic post before Christmas, The New Zealand Herald reported.

“Who’s thrilled that their Woop Christmas boxes are arriving today / tomorrow!” Wrote the Kiwi company. “It’s like Christmas is coming early… we can’t wait to see your delicious creations! “

Social media users took the opportunity to say exactly what they thought about the company, whose meal kits cost up to $ 600.

One user asked if the company thought they were feeding “6-8 toddlers” given the portion sizes.

Others complained that the products were outdated, moldy or rotten.

Some posted pictures of bread, tomatoes and beans that looked moldy.

“My bread is moldy. What the hell. It’s disgusting and the box is ridiculously small. Too late now to buy new bread. I also thought that they had forgotten the turkey, that they had to go and buy another one, and luckily I had an extra ham. Absolutely pathetic for the money charged, ”wrote one user.

“I have the box to feed 6 to 8 people,” one social media user said.

“I hope I don’t have to make them cheese toast afterwards – the portion sizes are tiny. Is this a ploy to reduce the obesity epidemic? I will not redeem next year.

Rabid Facebookers shared a photo of a bag of shrimp – with one shrimp per person.

“I received my box but certainly not enough for 10 to 12 people Woop it’s shameful,” said an angry customer.

“I have to go buy more food after working all day, I want a refund, it’s not nearly $ 600 worth of food.”

Another added: “Very disappointed.

“My box is a mess inside. 2 broken glass jars and sticky stuff all over the place and the spinach looks like it has been rolled a few times!

“The box was dropped over our fence … about 2 meters away [sic] yet the door opens easily. The containers opened, etc.

“Terrible for the price!”

One man said that “Poop” would be a more appropriate name for the service than “Woop”.

Several Woop customers have taken pictures of sauces that had already passed the expiration date by the time they were delivered to them.

On Facebook, Woop responded, assuring customers that they were edible and that it was simply a printing error.

However, a few social media users wrote that they had had a good experience with their box.

“Sorry to hear that everything went so badly for so many people. We received ours correctly on the 22nd and enjoyed a wonderful WOOP Christmas family meal on the 23rd. Thank you WOOP,” one user commented.

This article was originally published in the New Zealand Herald and has been reproduced here with permission.