Orbea announces price increases due to supply chain issues

Orbea has announced a second round of price increases in response to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Spanish brand announced a first round of price increases on February 15 last year and they’ve now followed that up with another price update today. Like most brands currently involved in bicycle and component production, Orbea is battling rising raw material prices, rising shipping costs and a tight supply chain that is making it harder to do business. effectively.

What does this mean for Orbea customers? We’ve selected the following examples of bikes released last year: the Rise Hydro H10 went from $7,299 at launch to $7,999, the Occam LT M10 from $6,299 to $6,899, and the Occam LT H20 from $3,659 to $3,999. The rest of the price increases outside of these examples can be viewed on Orbea’s website.

The full reasoning for the price increases is below:

Press release: Orbea

Since the start of the pandemic, the global economy has suffered continuous impacts that have affected all sectors, including the bicycle industry. In the interests of transparency, we would like to explain to you the reasons behind our decision to increase our prices, and the measures put in place to mitigate the impact of these increases.

-The prices of raw materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon have been rising continuously for months, as have fuel prices.
-Transportation costs have also risen disproportionately due to a shortage of containers, ships and port congestion.
-The bicycle industry, like many others, suffers from intermittent or continuous failures in the supply of components. This forces us to change our specifications or seek similar alternatives, always striving to maintain quality.

At Orbea, we held on as long as possible before applying this update, but in the end we were forced to increase our prices for this year.

“We are a company committed to our community of users and our stores. We are constantly monitoring market trends and have done everything we can to avoid this price update, but there are no signs of a correction in the upward cost trend,” says Gonzalo García de Salazar , director of global sales for the company.

Seeking to minimize the impact to dealers and users, we at Orbea have gone the extra mile to maintain our prices on bikes already reserved by users and confirmed by their dealer in the Orbea system.

“This has been a difficult decision for Orbea, as it will have consequences for our stores and for the cycling community, which has and continues to trust our brand. We understand what this means”

The new prices will be available on orbea.com from today.

We doubt Orbea is the only brand to raise prices this year, as the entire industry faces the same challenges. We’ll keep you posted with more announcements from all the brands that make them.