Last month, a 45-member group in the Alabama House of Representatives introduced a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution that would limit the interest rate that a lender can charge an individual for a “consumer loan, line of credit or other financial product “. The proposed amendment, currently known asRead More →

‘For some, overpaying is simply flushing money down the toilet’ Martin Lewis, founder of, said: “In practice, for most people, student loan repayments act more like a tax than a debt. “With interest rates for those who started college in 2012 or after as high as 6.3%, some mayRead More →

How were most of the protesters in downtown Naperville protesting Monday? They were sane and responsible, albeit annoying as hell, marching, chanting, and stopping traffic. That was the point. If a demonstration doesn’t upset someone and push them to think about things they’d rather not do, it’s a failure. NapervilleRead More →