The Apparel Export Promotion Council (AEPC) on Wednesday urged the government to declare clothing exports as essential services and exempt exporting units from lockdowns across India. Most clothing exports are seasonally and fashion-sensitive, and their salvage value becomes zero if production and shipping is not done on time, he said.Read More →

On March 12, the US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit heard oral argument in All American Check Cashing’s interlocutory appeal against the district court ruling confirming the constitutionality of the CFPB. All American Check Cashing and the other appellants requested the interlocutory appeal after the district court deniedRead More →

Last month, a 45-member group in the Alabama House of Representatives introduced a proposed amendment to the Alabama Constitution that would limit the interest rate that a lender can charge an individual for a “consumer loan, line of credit or other financial product “. The proposed amendment, currently known asRead More →

‘For some, overpaying is simply flushing money down the toilet’ Martin Lewis, founder of, said: “In practice, for most people, student loan repayments act more like a tax than a debt. “With interest rates for those who started college in 2012 or after as high as 6.3%, some mayRead More →

How were most of the protesters in downtown Naperville protesting Monday? They were sane and responsible, albeit annoying as hell, marching, chanting, and stopping traffic. That was the point. If a demonstration doesn’t upset someone and push them to think about things they’d rather not do, it’s a failure. NapervilleRead More →

This article is a Brand press mail. Brand press is a paid service for brands that want to reach the Techpoint Africa audience directly. The Techpoint Africa editorial team does not write Brand Press content. To promote your brand through Brand Press, please send an email [email protected] Sending cross-border internationalRead More →

Racine City RACINE ⏤ City of Racine residents struggling with finances, debt, poor credit, and related issues can get free, personalized professional help at the new Racine Financial empowerment center (FEC). The new center officially opened at a virtual press conference on Monday. The Racine FEC is the first city-sponsoredRead More →