Parting Stone expands into a taller building | Business

Santa Fe startup Parting Stone has expanded into an 8,000 square foot space near Santa Fe Fashion Outlets to increase production of polished round stones from cremated remains.

Founder and CEO Justin Crowe launched the company in October 2019 and solidified the ashes of approximately 2,700 people in its original 2,500 square foot space near Rufina Street and Siler Road.

“Things were getting pretty tight in our old space,” said Crowe, who completed the move to the new space in early January. “It gives us a lot more room to grow.”

Crowe recruited 350 funeral homes and crematoriums to send him cremated remains to be turned into polished stones. A year ago, funeral homes discovered his concept novel, but it is now part of the standard package offered at participating funeral homes.

“One of the biggest changes we’re seeing is that people know they want to receive solidified remains before loved ones die,” Crowe said.

Parting Stone won the 2021 Innovation of the Year Award from the National Funeral Directors Association. Investors since inception have invested $1.9 million in Parting Stone.

Crowe declined to reveal its current earnings, but said the company had grown 135% from 2020-21. In a previous interview, he said annual revenue was $300,000 in 2020, with an expected $1 million in 2021.

“We are on track to achieve our goals,” Crowe said. “We expect to double our turnover this year.”

Parting Stone has 24 employees and Crowe expects to have 35 to 40 by the end of the year.

They are solidifying the ashes of 200 remains per month, with the goal of reaching 400 per month by the end of the year. A human body traps between 40 and 60 stones, Crowe said.

The Separation Stone also solidifies the ashes of dogs, cats and other animals.

Parting Stone refines and purifies by removing leftover staples, screws and implants to create a smooth powder. Water and a glass binder are added to create a clay material. The clay is shaped into rounded shapes and then fired in a ceramic kiln. A rock polisher completes the job.

Parting Stone’s current largest client is Baldwin Brothers Funeral & Cremation Society with 18 locations across Florida. The Cremation Society of Illinois, with 10 offices and three crematoria in the Chicago metro, is another big customer, as is French Funerals & Cremations in Albuquerque.