Samsung Galaxy S22: release date, price, specs and all leaks

The Samsung Galaxy S22 – the tech titan’s next flagship mobile – is slated to arrive in 2022. It’s slated for a 120Hz display, a super-fast chip (possibly with its own cooling fan), and even a camera with no less of five lentils.

It seems like it was only yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S21 hit stores, but Samsung is not one to rest on its laurels. The company launches a flawless new Galaxy S series mobile every year, which is why the Galaxy S22 is expected to launch in early 2022.

But how will the Galaxy S22 compare to the Apple iPhone 13? What exclusive features will it offer? Will it be cheaper than competing smartphones? The launch is still slated for a few months, but we’ve taken a look at all the leaks, tips, and rumors to get a good idea of ​​what Samsung has in store with its next flagship phone.

Samsung Galaxy S22: release date

Samsung galaxy s22

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung rolls out a new flagship Android phone at the start of each year like clockwork. Last year was the Galaxy S21, which debuted on January 14, 2021 (a few weeks earlier than the tech titan’s usual February / March window).

This obviously indicates that the Galaxy S22 release date is likely to be early 2022. In fact, according to Korea Pulse News, “Several industry sources” have fixed the S22 for release in January. Samsung seems to favor Fridays, so there is talk of breaking the S22 coverage on Friday January 28, 2022.

We’ll have to see. Technical analyst Jon Prosser correctly predicted the launch of the latest Galaxy phone, so we’ll be watching his Twitter feed closely towards the end of 2021.

Samsung Galaxy S22: price

With no credible price leaks out, the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S22 is somewhat of a mystery. The Samsung S21 line debuted less than the S20, so will the S22 be even cheaper?

The jury is out on that one. In the meantime, if you’re in the market for a flagship Android phone, the standard S21 starts at £ 769 ($ 799, AU $ 1,249). The S21 + costs from £ 949 ($ 999, AU $ 1,549) and the S21 Ultra from £ 1,149 ($ 1,199, AU $ 1,849). The standard S20 debuted at £ 899 ($ ​​999, AU $ 1,499) in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy S22: screen

Samsung galaxy s22

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung phones are famous for their crisp screens. No surprise there – the company has a pioneering display arm and created the “Edge” screens that appear to cascade down the sides of the phone.

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung will shrink the Galaxy S22. Leak Mauri QHD, which has a good track record, claims that the standard Galaxy S22 will sport a 6.06-inch screen, compared to 6.2 inches on the S21.

The S22 Plus could shrink as well. Mauri QHD It leans for a 6.5-inch screen, down from 6.7 inches, while the top-of-the-line S22 Ultra is expected to drop from 6.9 inches to 6.81 inches. Of course, the best technology and the best glass will be reserved for the S22 Ultra.

(The same specs were also given in a separate leak by a reliable informant Ice universe in mid-August, which gives them credit.)

All three phones in the current S21 lineup support a 120Hz refresh rate – great for games and sports – so we’d expect the S22 family to follow suit.

That said, Mauri QHD claims that “only the S22 Ultra is LTPO” meaning that only the S22 Ultra will support variable refresh rates (i.e. the ability to increase the maximum refresh rate if needed and then reduce it to a lower refresh to save battery).

The S21 Ultra already offers variable refresh rate technology, but it doesn’t go down to 1Hz as the S22 Ultra claims. Yes Mauri QHD is right about the presence of LPTO, the S22 could benefit from a significant battery boost.

Samsung Galaxy S22: design

Samsung galaxy s22

(Image credit: LetsGoDigital / TechnizoConcept)

There are no leaked images of the Samsung Galaxy S22 yet, but LetsGoDigital simulated some concept renderings based on S22 design rumors.

If the mockups prove to be correct, the S22 will feature a major camera bump with no less than five lenses, an active cooling system (much like a high-powered gaming PC), much thinner bezels, and a flat rather than curved screen.

An even newer set of mockups points to what might be the biggest design change: an under-display camera. The idea is for the S22’s internal screen to “pop” and fill the punch hole whenever the selfie camera is not in use, creating a completely uninterrupted edge-to-edge display.

A revolutionary sub-screen camera could give the Samsung Galaxy S22 a huge advantage over its main rival, the iPhone 13.

On the other hand, we talked about the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Z Fold 3, not to mention the Apple iPhone 12 from last year, with under-screen cameras. You might want to take this discussion on an internal “pop-up” display with a big pinch of salt.

The same goes for the supposed active cooling system of the S22. The imagined ‘adaptive thermal fan’ inside the phone would keep temperatures low during heavy CPU functions such as 3D gaming or playing 4K movies, but do we really want a phone that spins for hours when it’s done? hot ? Probably not.

There’s no word on the colors yet, but there’s a lot of talk about Samsung switching the S22 Plus to plastic. The entry-level S21 is already made of plastic, so a plastic-bodied S22 Plus wouldn’t be out of the ordinary. More importantly, it could cause prices to drop sharply. Maybe Samsung is hoping to get a few more buyers to ditch the standard S22 in favor of the S22 Plus?

Finally, we expect the S22 Ultra to mimic the S21 Ultra and work with the S Pen stylus. Renderings made by the reliable OnLeaks leaker and Figure (below) shows the S22 Ultra with a pen slot, which would minimize the chances of losing it.

Samsung Galaxy S22: cameras

Cipher / OnLeaks

(Image credit: Digit / OnLeaks)

We found the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s high-end camera to be a real plus. It features Samsung’s most advanced “Pro-grade” technology, including a quad rear configuration with a 108MP primary lens.

The S22 should go even further, however. It is widespread tote five rear lenses. It might sound a little weird, but it’s a number we’ve seen on the Nokia 9 PureView before.

Other credible rumors suggest that Samsung has teamed up with Japanese camera giant Olympus to overhaul the S22’s camera. With OnePlus collaborating with Hasselblad, Huawei teaming up with Leica and Nokia using Carl Zeiss lenses, a Samsung-Olympus collaboration could be a perfect marriage.

Well-known leaker Ice Universe initially rocked the S22 Ultra for a massive 200 MP sensor, which would pick up a phenomenal amount of detail, but he recently backed down on that claim. Instead, it seems likely that the S22 Ultra will get an upgraded version of the S21’s 108MP camera.

This certainly appears to be the case when looking at the render above. The camera bump appears to be similar to that of the S21 Ultra, but with a cut corner, giving it a unique P-shape. Weird.

As for the S22 and S22 Plus, crystal ball-gazer @FronTron says they will each receive a 50MP main camera, as well as 12MP ultra-wide and telephoto lenses. If this is true, that would mean that the S22 and S22 Plus will offer less resolution than their S21 counterparts (something the Ice Universe has since also disclosed).

This might not be a bad thing, as Samsung should bless the S22 with its new 50MP ‘ISOCELL JN1’ sensor, which uses pixels larger than 1.4m. If so, the S22 could afford to lose a few pixels while outperforming the S21. The new sensor could also mean a smaller camera bump and improved low-light performance.

Finally, Samsung would test 8K video at 60 fps on the Galaxy S22 Ultra (the S21 Ultra hits a maximum of 24 fps when shooting in 8K). This could be good news for anyone considering buying an 8K TV.

Samsung Galaxy S22: features and specifications

Samsung galaxy s22

(Image credit: Samsung)

So what’s under the hood? Lots of growls, if rumors are to be believed. The Galaxy S22 is expected to feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 895 chip (possibly made by Samsung itself).

Interestingly, the S22 is also slated for a GPU based on AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture (the basis of the graphics chip for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5). We’re by no means suggesting that the S22 will have the power of a next-gen gaming console, but it could turn out to be one of the most powerful gaming phones out there.

It’s unclear whether all Galaxy S22 phones will get the rumored AMD gaming chip, or whether the chip will be reserved for select models (or even specific sales territories).

The battery capacities are said to stay the same or actually decrease compared to the S21 range. The standard S22 is expected to have a 3800mAh battery (vs. 4000mAh on the S21) and the S22 + 4600mAh (vs. 4800mAh on the S21 +). The S22 Ultra is the only one to emerge from this department unscathed, with the same 5000mAh capacity as its predecessor.

This came via Ice Universe, which also claims that Samsung is testing 65W, 45W and 25W fast charging (via MyFixGuide). The company previously introduced 45W fast charging when the Galaxy S20 Ultra launched in 2019 – could it bring it back? Or will Samsung take it a step further and introduce 65W fast charging capability?

Finally, the Galaxy S21 has seen the removal of the microSD card slot. While some fans have asked Samsung to bring back an expandable storage option, the popularity of cloud storage and the spread of 5G networks for streaming content rather than storing it locally means microSD will most likely be missing from the S22.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22

So full of rumors and leaks to digest. Wondering whether to buy the S21 or wait until 2022 for the new flagship? Overall, it certainly looks like the S22 will be a solid improvement over the Galaxy S21.

The upgraded five-lens camera looks like a big draw for photography fans, while the potential for mobile games looks pretty exciting. Ultra-fast charging could also help.

Then again, the five-star Samsung Galaxy S21 has been out for some time and with prices starting to drop, it might be too tempting to resist. And let’s not forget that the iPhone 13 just hit store shelves fresh. Ah, make decisions …


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