Sky Glass: pre-order times, prices and everything YOU need to know

As promised at its launch event earlier this month, Sky Glass is now available for purchase in the UK. Well, sort of. Only Sky VIP Diamond and Platinum customers – that is, people who have used Sky TV for eight years or more – are currently able to place an order for the long-awaited new QLED TV. Sky will slowly roll out the custom-designed TV to more customers in the days and weeks to come.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on Sky Glass as soon as it becomes available, you should register your details below. Once all Diamond and Platinum customers who want to switch to Sky Glass are up and running, Sky will switch to those who have pre-registered. So don’t constantly refresh the order page on Sky’s website in the hopes of getting to the top of the queue – put your name on the list.

If you are not completely Sold on the idea of ​​Sky Glass for now, the slow rollout of controls means you’ve got a bit more time to think about it. And there are certainly things to think about with Sky Glass. After all, this product marks the first time Sky has taken its popular pay-TV service off the satellite dish.

While NOW, formerly NOW TV, offers access to a number of the same live channels and on-demand packages available on Sky Q via an internet connection, Sky Glass is something very different. This is the first time we’ve seen the full Sky Q experience – including Ultra HD and HDR content – streamed on high bitrate.

As such, you’ll need to check your broadband speeds before throwing in the Sky Q and Q mini boxes and replacing them with the latest kit. The minimum internet speed required for Sky Glass is 10 Mbps, which is quite reasonable. After all, the UK’s average home broadband speed, as measured earlier this year, is 70 Mbps, so most people should easily be able to cope with standard live channel streaming through Sky Glass.

However, those who wish to watch Sky Sports, Sky Cinema, and Ultra HD broadcasts to take full advantage of the 4K resolution built into Sky Glass will need at least 25 Mbps.

And if you want to be able to watch in another room, you’ll need an additional 5 Mbps for each Sky Stream Puck added to your account. So if you want to bring Sky into your kitchen and a few bedrooms, you will need an extra 15 Mbps.

This brings the total to 40 Mbps. While this still feels comfortably below the 70 Mbps average, keep in mind that this is the total bandwidth available in the home. If you watch Sky Glass downstairs in Ultra HD, while other family members are watching in their bedroom, someone is streaming from Spotify, smartphones are downloading a new software update, and the kids are playing video games on the screen. line … that speed of 70 Mbps will be quickly gobbled up. If this happens, you might find that the quality of the show you are watching drops, such as when BBC iPlayer or ITV Hub is buffered, or the broadcast stops completely.

If you are lucky enough to have a high speed fiber optic connection at home, there are still a few things to think about with Sky Glass.

Sky Glass is revising the recording function for the first time since its introduction with Sky + in 2001. Instead of a red Record button on the redesigned remote, Sky has added a new + symbol. Press this button to add a series, episode, movie, concert or game to your playlist. In a nutshell, Playlist is a supercharged version of Series Link on Sky Q, which automatically schedules a recording for every upcoming episode.

Along with Playlist, the software will also browse Sky box sets as well as the libraries of all synchronized streaming services – like Disney + and Prime Video – to bring together previous series and episodes as well. By diving into your playlist, you’ll be able to catch up on old episodes from a whole range of streaming services and tune in weekly as new episodes air on Sky channels. Sky hopes its new playlist system saves you from having to jump between its menu and another streaming app on its service to find the right episode.

Importantly, not all of these recordings will be stored on a hard drive inside Sky Glass, but streamed from the cloud. The advantage of not writing everything to a whirring hard drive inside the box (as you’ll find inside the Sky Q box) is that you never have to worry about running out of space. . Since everything is stored by Sky, you won’t need to delete a three-year episode of Graham Norton to make way for a new series. You also don’t have to worry about power cuts or signal issues interrupting recording because, you know, you’re not recording anything on your case.

However, Sky has quietly confirmed its intention to introduce a supplement for Sky Glass customers who want to get commercials moving fast in their recordings.

Yes, since everything in your playlist is streaming to your Sky Glass, recordings work the same as streaming an episode on All4 or ITV Hub. And just like the latter, which offers customers an optional monthly subscription to eliminate ad breaks, Sky Glass will charge viewers for removing all ads from episodes streamed from its servers.

Dubbed Ad Skipping Add On, this feature will be included at no additional cost to all Sky Glass customers for the first year. After 12 months, those who want to continue to be able to get through the advertisements in the old recordings of the Great British Bake Off I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here, GoggleBox, last week tonight with John Oliver, Estate, and more, will have to pay an additional £ 5 per month.

Even before factoring in those monthly fees, Sky Glass isn’t the cheapest way to watch the amazing exclusive shows and sports matches available on Sky TV.

While Sky Glass prices start from £ 13 per month for the 43-inch QLED TV, this has to be paired with the basic channel package, Sky Entertainment, which also includes a Netflix subscription for £ 26. per month. Add Cinema (£ 11), Sports (£ 25) and then an add-on to watch in Ultra HD and HDR (£ 5) and you’ll get a bill of around £ 80 per month.

Prices go up even more if you want a Sky Stream Puck (£ 10 per month for Multiroom to stream throughout the house, plus a one-time charge of £ 50 per Puck) or a larger screen. The 55-inch model costs £ 17 and the 65-inch model costs £ 21 per month.

There is no doubt that Sky Glass will be perfect for some viewers – bringing flagship features like Ultra HD and HDR picture quality and Dolby Atmos sound to the selection of American movies, dramas and sports available exclusively on Sky TV. without having to drill a flat satellite on the side of your house. However, some might look better elsewhere … even when orders are opening up to everyone in the UK.

Speaking about Glass at the launch event, Dana Strong, CEO of Sky Group, said: “Sky Glass is streaming TV with Sky inside, offering full integration of hardware, software and content. Built on over 30 years of understanding what our customers want, this is a TV only Sky can make. We believe this is the smartest TV available and customers will love it. “

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