Stoelzle Glass Group and Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC)…

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) welcomed Stoelzle Glass Group and Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC) as new members.

Scott DeFife, President of GPI, said, “It’s always exciting to welcome new members who are integral to every step of the glass manufacturing process, from fabricators to refractories.

“Stoelzle and GPI will focus on strengthening the spirits packaging industry and promoting the glass produced at their new plant in Pennsylvania.

“SSRC and GPI will focus on improving the necessary machinery and equipment used in glass manufacturing plants.”

Stoelzle Glass Group has over 200 years of expertise as a manufacturer of premium glass containers for premium spirits, the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as for perfumery and cosmetics.

Stoelzle recently acquired the former Anchor-Hocking plant in Monaca, Pennsylvania and plans to invest further in the North American glass industry.

August Grupp, President of Stoelzle Glass USA and Head of the Spirits Business Unit, said, “We look forward to strengthening our joint impact on the local and global community.

“Glass is a vital resource for all of us, and one of our current main goals is our goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and to achieve CO2 neutrality in all production plants. of Stoelzle by 2050. We look forward to partnering with GPI to shine a light on this important goal.

Special Shapes Refractory Company (SSRC) manufactures precast refractory shapes and unshaped monolithic refractory products, key components for the glass manufacturing industry.

Bob Hunter, Director of Sales and Marketing at SSRC, said, “We have met and built new relationships with many C-level executives who we rarely interact with during our sales calls, site visits and communications. We look forward to realizing many more benefits by joining the GPI. »