Stunning Aspen Home Gets $ 22.8 Million Prize – DIRT

Perched on a wooded hillside in Aspen, this stunning architect-designed home offers generous views of the Elk Mountains, and because the home was built in 1973, before so much development in Aspen, the picturesque scenery is almost unprecedented. The spacious residence spans 6,857 square feet, with seven bedrooms and six bathrooms as well as two half baths. Set on 2.29 acres, with a gorgeous pool and mountain-facing spa, the property is asking for $ 22.8 million. It is replaced by Steven shane with the compass.

The residence was originally designed by Robin molny, an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright who was one of the first town planners in Aspen. It is known to architecture enthusiasts as Maison Ford Schumann, named after its sponsor. Schumann’s father had been president of General Motors, while his mother was the daughter of one of the founders of IBM. Schumann himself was passionate about music and art who also worked for the family charitable foundation.

Robin Molny designed the house halfway through his architectural career and it demonstrates everything he learned during his five-year apprenticeship with Frank Lloyd Wright, adapted to the high mountain terrain of the Valley of Aspen. A home like this should be designed to make the most of the outdoors while keeping the inhabitants warm and comfortable inside. A typical Wright trick is to create a small, secluded fireplace, which leads down a hallway to a huge, expansive living room, making the effect even more impressive. It’s something Molney used here. However, unlike Wright’s typical ribbon windows, Molney goes all out here with a huge wall of glass that offers a huge mountain panorama. Just outside the glass wall is the pool deck, which further expands the living room, also adding water reflections to the interior of the room. The master suite, which is just off the living room, offers its own wall of windows and views.

Interestingly, the property was sold just over a year ago for $ 3.8 million. The house has been extensively renovated and modernized since then, with additional bedrooms and bathrooms carved out of the space and a new kitchen and new bathrooms added. Some rooms look small, but the renovations have been significant enough, the seller hopes, to raise the price sixfold.

Unique features of the house include a modern adobe style and slanted rooms and walls. Prior to the recent refurbishment, the house had been refurbished several times including the addition of a master suite and stair tower with additional guest bedrooms, an office, a studio, a fitness room and more. entertainment.

So often in the area, you see a strictly modern house with no real warmth, or a very traditional Rocky Mountain log house with the cliché woods all over the place. This one wins points for straddling the border between modern and traditional. Our opinion ? Considering the current sky-high property prices in Aspen, this is an updated turnkey property with impeccable architectural credentials and stunning views, therefore a worthy offering.