The owner of Tiltons Automotive Service plans to relocate his business to Huntley Road in the community of Worthington

Tiltons Automotive Service, 6661 Huntley Road, has outgrown its space and plans to move across the street, according to its landlord.

The company plans to build a 19,500-square-foot, 2.57-acre facility on the northeast corner of Huntley and Schrock roads in the coming weeks, according to a memorandum from the City of Worthington on a final development plan.

Owner Andy Tilton said the current facility is about 21,000 square feet and is slightly larger than the new one, but the new facility will “actually be designed to do what we do.”

“The benefit of moving across the street is that there’s a lot more room for our customers, and we’re building a facility designed around what we do as a business, not a warehouse in which we have created the space to work,” he said. noted.

Tilton said he hopes to break ground on the new site in late March or early April, with plans expected to be completed late in the fourth quarter of this year or early in the first quarter of next year.

One of the main constraints of the current facility is the parking situation, Tilton said. He said that due to the lack of parking, his employees were parking offsite to make way for customers.

Ron Kinnaman, an ASE master technician, performs diagnostic tests on a Honda Accord March 2 at Tiltons Automotive Service.

“My employees park offsite and blessings to the companies that allowed us to park in their parking lot this time around,” he said. “We just didn’t want to keep doing it.

“And as we grow as a business, this new facility will not only give us the space to grow, but also secure parking areas and things like that for our customers.”

According to the city’s memorandum, 119 parking spaces will be provided with the new facility.

Tiltons Automotive Service, 6661 Huntley Road, has outgrown its space and plans to move across the street, according to owner Andy Tilton.

The company received a conditional use permit from the Worthington Municipal Planning Commission on January 27.

Tiltons just needs to apply for the necessary building permits to begin construction of the new facility, according to Lee Brown, Worthington’s planning and construction manager.

The city’s memorandum says the building’s exterior will be “a modern industrial design with modern materials such as aluminum storefront glass, awnings and fiber cement siding.”

Additionally, the facility “will be an L-shaped building with its main entrance facing the intersection, with a looping drop-off area for customers,” the memorandum states.

Tiltons specializes in “all major and minor auto repair services on foreign and domestic vehicles,” according to its website,

Tiltons also has a location at 171 N. High St. in Gahanna.

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