Trendway touts ‘reconnection’ theme for NeoCon 2021

Trendway is showcasing its latest products, options and innovations in an updated Chicago showroom for NeoCon this week.

The theme of the Netherlands-based office furniture maker in its 325 Wells St. Chicago showroom is ‘reconnect’ and it focuses on rebuilding relationships, revitalizing teams and creating spaces rejuvenating and flexible for a post-pandemic office.

As people continue to return to the office amid the ongoing pandemic, Trendway has focused on indoor air quality products.

“Over the past two years, the definition of a healthy and safe installation has changed dramatically,” said Bill Griftner, director of architectural sales, Fellowes Brands, parent company of Trendway. “Today, a complete hygiene solution includes not only wearing a mask, washing hands and disinfecting surfaces, but also cleaning the air.”

For over a decade, Fellowes AeraMax air purifiers have provided localized air purification. Trendway’s Fellowes air purification offering combines True HEPA filtration with EnviroSmart and PureView technologies. EnviroSmart uses multiple sensors to monitor contaminants and room occupancy and adjusts to provide maximum protection, on demand. PureView also offers real-time on-screen updates of air quality and machine performance, providing peace of mind to room occupants.

“Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers provide maximum protection against viruses and clean the air with HEPA filters,” said Mark Rhoades, president, professional furniture, Fellowes Brands.

Independent lab tests show that Fellowes AeraMax Pro air purifiers with True HEPA filtration remove 99.99% of a surrogate coronavirus, Fellowes said.

According to Trendway, more than 100,000 units of Fellowes AeraMax air purifiers have been sold to schools in 32 states since the start of the pandemic, and the company expects the trend to migrate to the workplace soon.

“As more and more people return to the office, we need flexible, welcoming and healthy spaces,” said Rhoades. “Our new product launches help create spaces where reconnection is easy, comfortable and safe. “

Also in Trendway’s showroom, its new Zona training table and Zadi multi-purpose chair are designed to promote workplace flexibility.

Zadi performs in a variety of work environments, from training rooms and landing zones to individual workspaces. Zadi is available in several configurations and color combinations. The seat can also be upholstered and is available in thousands of Trendway fabrics and finishes. The versatile chair is available in several style options, including a black, navy, white, red or light gray plastic shell or mesh backrests; with or without armrests; black, platinum or chrome chair frame; and with glides or casters. Throughout the showroom, Zadi is often associated with the Zona training table.

The Zona training table features a quick-release folding top with rotating legs that allow multiple tables to be nested and stored in a symmetrical, space-saving profile. The online storage configuration replaces the staggered layout of traditional nesting tables.

A new Trendway product introduction designed to support healthy movement and improve user comfort is the Elea task chair. Elea’s aesthetic comes from a suspended seat tray that promotes micromovements and energetic movements, allowing users to move continuously while seated.

Designed and engineered by Fellowes Brands’ in-house industrial design team, Horizon Design, Elea features patented omnicinetic suspension technology with four industrial grade alloy steel rods to form a load-bearing support system for the seat tray suspended.

“The addition of the Elea chair illustrates our commitment to delivering leading engineering and design solutions,” said Rhoades. “We are leveraging our in-house sophisticated engineering and design capabilities across all product categories to create new and better solutions for our customers, from air purifiers and seats to movable walls. “

Launched in August 2021, Trendway’s new Volo Frameless Glass architectural product offering enables users to adapt to changing workplace needs and demarcate space while maintaining visibility. Volo Frameless Glass was designed as a competitively priced all-glass storefront extension to Trendway’s best-selling Volo Movable Wall product line. Volo Frameless Glass connects to all Volo movable wall components, including door and pull options, to integrate with Trendway’s movable wall range, as well as traditional drywall applications.

“From our Volo frameless acrylic and glass screens to Fellowes AreaMax Pro air purifiers, Trendway helps people feel completely reassured that they are safely back in the office,” said Rhoades.

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