US apparel giant VF Corp says board member Veronica Wu has resigned, days after reports she branded Black Lives Matter “true racists”

  • Apparel giant VF Corp announced Tuesday that board member Veronica Wu is stepping down.

  • This follows Axios reporting that Wu rejected racism in the United States in a 2020 email.

  • She reportedly called Black Lives Matter “real racists” in the email, viewed by Axios.

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Apparel giant VF Corp announced on Tuesday that board member Veronica Wu had resigned, days after Axios announced that she had rejected racism in the United States and called Black Lives Matter a “real racists”.

VF Corp said that “Wu’s decision to step down from the board was not the result of a disagreement with VF over an issue relating to VF’s operations, policies or practices.”

VF is one of the largest clothing companies in the United States and owns, among other brands, Vans, North Face and Timberland.

Wu’s comments on racism appeared in an email she sent in 2020 when she was employed at Hone Capital, a venture capital firm, as a managing partner, according to the Axios report. She was responding to a message from an office manager about Hone Capital’s decision to mark the June 17 vacation in 2020, Axios reported. This year, Juneteenth became a federal holiday in the United States.

Wu was then part of VF’s board of directors. Wu is no longer employed by Hone Capital, according to her LinkedIn profile, which lists her current position as the founder and managing partner of First Bight Capital, a biotech venture capital firm.

“I don’t believe in Black Lives Matter,” Wu reportedly wrote in the email, which was reviewed by Axios. “If anything, I think it’s the real racists who are trying to get things done so that this country goes into socialism or even potentially communism.”

Axios also reported that VF Corporation investigated this email earlier in the year and found it “legitimate”, but Wu was not removed from the board at the time.

VF Corp said in an email to Insider that it had no further comment.

The insider contacted Wu for comment but did not receive a response immediately.

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