Who needs ‘Left Behind’ novels when QAnon is cooking up a good conspiracy stew? | Lyon

As a native of New Jersey, the state motto: “Oh yeah, who says so?” – I am congenitally immune to conspiracy theories.

Also insensitive to idiotic insults from Trumpist men obsessed with the imagined sexual preferences of strangers. While there is no level of invective that I am unable to sink to, the editors urge me to keep it clean.

“You guys sled me,” a guy scoffed the other day, regarding the Democrats’ alleged loyalty to the Chinese Communist Party.

I mean, why bother?

Today I live in Arkansas, where our crazy legislature is in the process of enacting a Stand Your Ground law, which means that if you send me a hostile message and then confront me, I have the legal right to shoot you dead.

Or, at the very least, to get Daisy the basset hound on you.

So be very careful.

But when members of Congress go crazier than anonymous email senders, things are clearly spiraling out of control. How far from hands? Republicans in the House of Representatives last week refused to sanction the notorious Georgia Representative, Marjorie Taylor Greene, in any way, letting Democrats, along with a handful of Republicans, strip her of her committee assignments.

But this is what Senator Mitch McConnell (!) Had to say a few days earlier with reference to Greene:

“Crazy lies and conspiracy theories are cancer for the Republican Party and our country. Someone who suggested that maybe no planes hit the Pentagon on September 11, that horrific school shootings were pre-planned, and that the Clintons crashed JFK Jr.’s plane is not living in reality. This has nothing to do with the challenges facing American families. “

Indeed, although if I thought like Greene, I would wonder if she is not a “crisis actress” posing as a madwoman to discredit conservatives.

But it’s really your constituents that I worry about.

In 2018, Greene suggested on Facebook that the California wildfires were started with a laser beam from space controlled by sinister Jewish bankers. He has written articles with headlines such as “Democratic Party Involved with Child Sex, Satanism, and the Occult.”

So naturally, her North Georgia district elected her to Congress. During the dark days of the last century, it was not necessary to be so terribly polite about what HL Mencken called “the idiotic hallucinations of cow states.” Nowadays, someone is likely to call you “elitist” for pointing out that the good citizens of Georgia’s 14th District are too dumb … well, they have to do some explaining.

Needless to say, Trump loves her, which is presumably all it took to send her to Congress.

Religious nutters have been with us since the beginning of time. But contemporary American political insanity began with the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s promotion of “The Clinton Chronicles” during the 1990s, a series of bizarre and cleverly produced videos accusing the hilarious Arkansas couple of embezzlement, drug trafficking and murder.

After 12 years of Reagan and Bush, some Republicans simply lost their minds at the prospect of a Democratic president. Since Roosevelt, they have done it practically every time a Democrat takes office. I once had the opportunity to ask the Reverend Falwell, on camera, if the Sixth Commandment prohibiting adultery was more important than the one that condemned bearing false witness.

Falwell said that both sins were equally bad. But he clearly didn’t like being asked. He also claimed to have no idea whether the allegations in “The Clinton Chronicles” were true or not, a pretty sorry alibi, I thought.

In fact, her cardiologist once showed a friend of my wife a list of Hillary’s more than 50 alleged murder victims. Because he wanted his heart to be examined by a person capable of thinking critically, he changed doctors.

Then came Tim LaHaye’s hit novel series “Left Behind,” an elaborate “end time” fantasy aimed at the same gullible demographic. My favorite scene featured brave Christian survivors fleeing Chicago during a nuclear attack and stopping on the highway to buy a fully loaded Land Rover. With a mushroom cloud looming over Wrigley Field, the dealership was open to the public. I also loved the battle at Armageddon, where the antichrist’s tanks got stuck in mud made by the blood of justly slaughtered sinners.

I’d bet greene has a box. Just killing is what it’s all about. He has publicly fantasized about the execution of President Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats.

Then came the Internet, President Obama, and a one-way trip to Crazytown for millions of gullible souls. Do you realize that you don’t hear much about “the rapture” anymore? The end of time is no longer attractive. They all wear MAGA caps now.

God brought you Donald J. Trump, and Trump has brought you QAnon. It is no longer bad enough for Hillary Clinton to smuggle cocaine and murder political rivals. Those are penny ante crimes. According to QAnon, he worships Satan and molests, tortures and eats babies.

It’s true that a recent NPR / Ipsos poll showed that only 17% of Americans believe prominent Democrats are devil-worshiping cannibals, but another 37% said they couldn’t be sure in any way.

That’s Marjorie Taylor Greene’s people.

Gene Lyons is a columnist for the Arkansas Times.

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